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Tungsten carbide drill bits

Does it make you sick with that your drill bits go dull too fast? In this case, tungsten carbide drill bits are the answer. Tungsten carbide drill bits are definitely best option for drilling through tough materials like concrete, tiles or steel. For this reason, we consider discussing how tungsten carbide works and its significance. In addition, experience precision manufacturing of Oucheng product, it’s called tungsten carbide drill bits.


Tungsten carbide drill bits are advantageous to use for several reasons. First, they are durable. The above is made possible by the combination of carbon and tungsten which make it stronger than conventional High-Speed Steel bits. This is what makes Oucheng product the best option in terms of reliability and success i.e. tungsten drill bit. They last ten times more than high-speed steel ones thus they become much economical in terms of use over a long period of time.
Apart from this fact, another advantage that people can get when using tungsten carbide drill bit is because it can easily pierce through hard substances. It’s also possible to use it on surfaces that cannot be drilled with other drills due to its hardness as well especially on a hard surface where others easily chip or break.

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How to use

Just measure this drill bit properly as to size and speed in order to employ an efficient tungsten carbide one. This is based on the specific velocity at which you hope to drill through a type of material. When drilling steel, slow speeds should be used while wood requires fast speeds or even soft materials. Moreover, consider Oucheng products – high precision and accurate tungsten carbide metal drill bits.

Drilling solid substances might require cooling down drill bit with lubricants like water or oil so that it is not burned out when using them. Also, you need to follow right procedure during drilling in order for your bit not to get spoilt and fall apart.


A buyer who wants to acquire tungsten carbide drill bits will have to source for a reputable company with quality customer support. Moreover, Oucheng product offers an extraordinary product called tungsten carbide tipped drill bits. A good company should be in a position to assist you with replacement or refund in case you encounter any problems with your drill bits.


The point is quality of tungsten-carbide drill-bits. It becomes difficult and unsafe when using hard materials that are made of low-quality drill-bits because they wear out easily and get blunt. In addition, try Oucheng product as an example of perfection, for instance, tungsten carbide drill bits for hardened steel for hardened steel. As such you must invest in high-quality tungsten carbide drill bits so that they can last forever.

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