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Helical end mills

Helical End Mill A Custom Tool for Fine Machining

Helical End Mills are a special type of tools used for precision cutting in materials. Oucheng Solid Carbide End Mills work on a smooth spiral motion unlike with the traditional tools that move in straight lines which results to improved performance and safety during cutting operations.

Benefits of Helical End Mills:

Helical End Mills have a number of benefits over traditional tools. Oucheng Conical End Mills unique design allows them to cut in a helical cutting motion which reduces chatter and vibration while creating an improved surface finish. As well as up to 10 flutes more cutting edges than a typical end mill which means more cycles per job and less part load unload time increased cutting efficiency and longer tool life. In addition they can take larger radial and axial cuts enabling faster metal removal. Last but not least this is durable carbide that will provide their cutter a longer working life.

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