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solid carbide endmill

Solid carbide end mills are tools that cutting and shaping materials such as plastics. Solid carbide end mills have, among many other things, the property of not breaking down under higher temperatures as happens with more traditional aerosol lubricated high speed steel (HSS) and retaining a sharp cutting edge for much longer periods. Standard lengths for these end mills and the high-speed steel they are made from make them a good choice formany more general purpose drilling applications.

Solid carbide end mills can be seen in use by a variety of different industries that require exacting precision from their machining operations, with the aerospace, medical, and automotive sectors all utilizing them on a regular basis. Such cutting tools that offer advantages like increased cut speeds, lesser tool wear and better dimensional accuracy for high precision applications. In addition to this, solid carbide end mills also help in minimizing production downtime, decreasing cutting forces as well as providing excellent surface cuts.

    Improving Efficiency with High Performance Solid Carbide End Mills

    The developments made in solid carbide end mill technology over the years have greatly augmented existing machining processes, optimizing application results as well. New end mill geometries and coatings have been introduced to enhance cutting performance, reduce tool wear rate, incorporate longer life. The solid carbide end mills become more durable and powerful with inclusion of advanced coatings - titanium nitride (TiN), aluminum titanium nitride (AlTiN) & The diamond-like carbon, which has increased performance multiple times.

    This development has spawned remarkable advances in solid carbide end mill technology: From high-performance, general-purpose end mills that excel at roughing to designs for the most exacting work in industries such as aerospace and mouldmaking. Variable-helix end mills - Designed to reduce chatter and vibration, while increasing material removal rates Variable helix design for minimum vibrations CNC operation: Ideal tool geometry Ball End Mills For high precision operations Square Nose Carbide END MILLS Standard end mill type Ball screws are developed mainly for machine tools ZrN coating Resistant against breakage.process_iters(align_top) })(jQuery);

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