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Moinho de raio

This could be best described as a Radius Mill - A first in the world of cutting and milling.

As one of the most revolutionary tools available in this field today, we have been able to use out Radius Mill effectively and efficiently cutting or milling materials across a variety of sectors from metals through to woods. This one is an extremely innovative device that trades some level of versatility for accuracy in the form of routing shapes/profiles to exact widths or depths fairly easily. Now, let's find out the many benefits that make Radius cutting tools a popular choice across various machining applications.

    Advantages of the Radius Mill

    The leading benefit of the Radius Mill is its tremendous ability in terms of cutting round corners and shapes with phenomenal accuracy. In cases where the accuracy is requirement of software, this kind of precision becomes very important. What this suggests is that the tool continues to set itself on par with other contenders as it makes quick work of steels, cast iron and non-ferrous materials alike which go a heck long way in making if functional for everyday kind of applications.

    Why choose Oucheng Radius mill?

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