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In Precision Machining, We Need To Know A Lot About End Mills

Crucial to precision machining, end mills are used for tasks such as drilling and slotting or profiling materials. Different shapes, sizes and materials also require selection of the most appropriate type of end mill. So we know that there are a plethora of end mills available, let us now see what they exactly do and how to use them optimally in this blog post dedicated solely to the world of End Mills!

    When to use an End Mill for Precision Machining

    Selecting the right end mill is crucial for achieving accurate machining results. There are multiple factors to take into account when selecting an end mill including the material, coating and geometry as well as size. Durability and resistance to wear are determined by the end mill material and coating, while cutting performance in terms of efficiency (i.e., MRR or Qprime) is influenced by the geometry and size.

    Why choose Oucheng milling end mill?

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