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End mills for plastic

Plastic is an important shape-machined material used in a wide range of industries, and it can also be shaped by cutting end mills. The Oucheng pontas de fresa aid in assisting with; making accurate cuts, producing cleaner finishes, and efficient production rates for plastic fabrication. In this tutorial we will try to explain with examples, how and why end mills for plastic should be selected when it comes to machining.

End Mill Selection for Machining Plastic

The right choice in end mill is an important first step to high efficiency and good quality product. When machining plastics, you must consider the flute count of your tool along with geometry and coating to ensure that it is having a positive effect on the part. High-speed steel (HSS) and carbide end mills are common, with carbide being traded for its durability and resistance to heat that is needed for prolonged cutting without deformation. Oucheng Fresas de topo de metal duro with higher flute counts are secondary cutters that will help remove chips faster, while a lower count end mill is likely best for harder materials where you want the item to melt or gum up. HELI%- ANGLE: A helix angle in the 30° to 45° range promotes shearing action, lowers heat generation and improves surface finish.

Why choose Oucheng End mills for plastic?

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