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1 1 8 fresa de topo

1 1/8 in. (118) End Mill - The Best Tools for your Machining provides

Do you like to design and would love few efficient tools but safe as well? Well, if you do then the 118 end mill is a tool that probably should be in your shop. In the following sections, we will get more information about how this tool can enrich your manufacturing work.


Advantages of the 1 1 8 end mill Designed as such, this performance tool can offer a suite of benefits including:

Greater productivity: Alongside its laser-sharp blade, this tool is capable of performing multiple operations in one go which means faster setups and production.

Better Precision: This high-speed, 1/8 end mill has been engineered for accuracy to cut through materials with superior precision.

Compatibility: This tool could work in various materials such as steel, aluminum, brass or titanium

Durability: Made from high quality materials, the 1 18 end mill is very well constructed and guaranteed to last long.


    At the core of 1 1 8 end mill is innovation with state-of-the-art technology and engineering prowess. Unique design elements include;

    A lot of the blade is very well designed and cuts through materials with ease.

    Flutes for chip evacuation and clean finish materials

    Fit with all kinds of shank machines and spindles.

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