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Three flute end mill

The Amazing Three Flute Flat End Mill

If you are searching for the right tool to help with your cutting obligations. Enter the amazing three flute end mill! That is because of the optimal balance between both productivity in usability and safety coming together to create a solution that has high level results which is why it captures as many imaginations among machinists around the world.

Advantages of the Three Flute End Mill

There are numerous advantages when it comes to comparing the three flute end mill with traditional two flute end mills. The extra flute in this tool has two advantages: It is better at evacuating chips, and it also allows for more heat to escape during cutting. This results in shorter cycle times, reduced tooling wear and better surface finishing. Additionally, the tool's distinctive styling allows for faster feed rates and greater depth of cut while preserving precision - a perfect fit for high-speed machining applications.

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