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3mm endmill

The 3mm Endmill - Your friend in Milling

Is your tool safe and accurate during milling? Check out the 3mm endmill, folks. Whether you are starting or a fully grown expert, this mill will certainly fulfill all your milling needs. In this article, we go even further into the many benefits of using 3mm endmill, how to use efficiently anfitrion applications and quality control.

Advantages of The 3mm Endmill

The 3mm endmill is the breakthrough circle milling cutter with other various advantages unlike traditional cutters. Some of its key features are as follow :

Precision: Due to the stellar accuracy which it provides, the 3mm endmill is considered by many professionals as one of best in the industry This will deliver parts with scissor type sharp and strong tips at the end that cut through many materials such as wood, plastic or even some metals. The tiny size of the bit makes it perfect for detailed woodworking jobs which require precision.

Safety: Milling is an inherently dangerous operation of course, but if you are going to be doing a lot of it then the 3mm endmill ensures safety with this regard. The highlight of the configuration is its minimisation on sharp injury to user as achieved through smooth shaft & razor point end. In addition, because it is small enough not to easily crash while traveling and can stop almost instantly if obstructed.

What is the 3mm endmill good at: Efficiency Due to its high rotation speed and fine cutting edges when it comes to milling tasks, as those two characteristics make using a mill with this tool that type of slightly automated splicing in slicer (if such slicing-time adjustment were possible). This tool can make shaping or sizing just a breeze of achieving, easy for you without putting many efforts and times.


The 3mm endmill is not just an "endmill", it represents progress in order to meet the requirements of milling today. Some of its unique features include:

Coating-The 3mm endmill is coated with variety of coatings like the PVD and CVD which makes it resistance to so many wears, rigger in work done.

Material: Made up of tungsten carbide and HSS, the tool delivers long-run durability with cost saving at the same time.

Shank Diameter: With a 3mm end mill, you can easily install and use it with most milling machines because of its shank diameter.

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