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How to Choose the Right Tool for a Machining Project

If you are a machinist, the primary goal of your job is to remove materials from the workpiece. A significant factor that helps in this is the 16mm end mill. This bit is used to form and size material. In the market, you will find countless options for selecting an end mill that is appropriate to your needs on a particular project. In this article, we are going into detail about several top-shelf choices designed for the machining tasks that you need.

Best End Mill For Tough Aluminum?

In tough aluminum machining choosing the right end mill pretty much means your project success. The OSG EXOCARB WXL 16mm end mill is a prime choice for such applications. Featuring a custom geometery designed for the strength of aluminum this four-flute end mill line up has benefits that include fewer chips, long tool life between rakes and less chance on breakage.

And with such great construction, this end mill will fit right into rigorous machining efforts-especially deep pockets or slots. An aggressive 51-degree helix angle allows the tool to efficiently remove material, completing tasks quickly without sacrificing precision. One of the best options for handling aluminum parts With a top-cutting geometry, it is simply optimized for chip extraction in tough to machine materials.

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